Jennifer Turney and Laine Alves met at a small group in October 2013. Jennifer had recently been diagnosed with systemic lupus and had to resign from her occupation as an Addiction Specialist working for STARS (Specialized Treatment And Recovery Services) but she knew there was more to life than resigning to pain. Laine was leading a group called MOPS (Mother’s of Preschoolers) and was looking for a way to blend a privileged community with mothers needing a helping hand. Mentor Moms was birthed over breakfast at Ettores in Sacramento, California, while the two shared a passion and a dream to connect the two populations.

Jennifer had access to treatment centers and transitional living programs from her previous exposure which helped provide a referral system for the mentees in our group. Laine was able to get information about the need for mentors initially to a faith community and the word has since spread to various partners in Sacramento which makes up the heartbeat of our heroes, our mentors.

  • Founded October 2013
  • Launched February 2014
  • 37 mentors through training since February 2014
    • 20 active mentors
    • Ongoing monthly training with county personnel
  • 41 mentees interviewed and matched with a mentor
    • 16 mentees graduated from the program
    • 13 active mentees
    • 12 non-active or never active