As I was going through a drug residential program I was faced with fear, depression, and myself. I had no family or support but I had a will to have a better life. Mentor Moms has helped me become the young women, mother, friend, and partner that I am today. I get the joy of working with Jennifer every week. She has shown me genuine love and encouragement since day one. Since she has become part of my life I’ve had many accomplishments and many changes.  I successfully closed my CPS case, graduated from high school, and got to wear a cap and gown 10 years later. I have a full-time job, my own apartment, and bought my own car.  I continue to do counseling with my little girl and take suggestions that Jen gives me. Today, I look at myself in the mirror and I see strength, courage, integrity, and love.  I am not perfect, in fact, I am no where near.  But I continue to strive and today I don’t just live, today I am alive.


My entire childhood I was discouraged, let down, lied to, and disappointed. As I got older I found that meth was a solution to all the pain I carried around. If I can’t feel it, then nothing can break me, was what I always thought. But using didn’t stop anything and it just made me feel like I had let myself down.

My life was sad and filled with rapes, molestation, and being abused in so many other ways. I had children and tried to keep it together but started selling drugs. By the time I got pregnant for the third time, I didn’t even want to be a mom. I used through the whole pregnancy.

When my child was born I found some small will to live and didn’t want CPS to step in again. I was also diagnosed with cancer so I put myself in rehab.

Thanks to Mentor Moms, I’m not alone anymore. My mentor has walked through some of the same challenges as I have and has overcome them. Mentor Moms is here to support my reality, the good and the bad. They lift me up and have given me a new view on happiness, self-esteem, and support, and on the days I find a way to tear myself down, they are there to remind me it’s okay. I never have to feel stuck, alone, or scared anymore and I’ve always wanted that. I love that they laugh, cry, and pray with me. I walk my own path but I love that Mentor Moms is right behind me.


Originally my life wasn’t great, I never had role models or a mother to show me the right path. Most of my life I’ve been in addiction. When I met Jennifer and Laine my whole life turned around. I look to them for motherly advice and knowledge. I know that I always have their help and I love that we get to be together and do fun things. It really is comforting to know that no matter what happens I’m okay because I have Jen and Laine on my side.